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Covid 19 Update

Bluefindivers due to the recent outbreak of the novel corona virus (Covid-19) decided to take extra measurements in order to avoid disease transmission when using rental equipment , following the guidelines of DAN.

We would suggest all of the certified divers that would like to dive on 2020 season and as much as the spread of Covid-19 is active to bring their own :

- Mask

- Snorkel

- Regulator mouthpiece.

If divers do not wish to carry the previews equipment with them they can always buy from our retail shop. For those that they will still like to use rental equipment we plan to disinfect after each dive the following equipment:

- Regulator second stage

- Regulator alternate second stage

- Snorkel

- Mask

- BCD oral inflator.

The disinfection will be done by submerging the equipment in 10 % bleach solution for 30 minutes or using a clearing product such as Steramine tablets or any other quaternary ammonium compound. Then the gear will be washed with fresh water. We will still continue to use Dettol solution to disinfect the rest of the equipment.